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What should we pay attention to when purchasing water treatment equipment

What should we pay attention to when choosing and purchasing water treatment equipment? Xiaobian will introduce it to you.

1. After roughly determining the type of water purification equipment, you need to roughly determine your purchase budget, select the most suitable products according to the budget, and do not blindly pursue the function of large and comprehensive, practical and affordable is an important choice.

2. Know in advance the water source and water quality of your place:

In order to ensure that sales agencies recommend products for you, it is recommended that you know in advance the water source and water quality of your location when purchasing water purification products. If you do not know the water quality, consulting your service provider can provide you with water quality testing services.

3. Know the problems you need to solve, the average daily water consumption/water consumption, and choose the type of products you need to buy:

Average daily water consumption/number of water points/number of permanent residents is the main basis for determining the type of products you need to purchase. Please have a general idea of your daily average water consumption and the number of people living in your home before you purchase.

4. Understand the installation of water pipes/cabinets in your home and the installation space:

If you are or haven't been decorated, you should determine the plan and design requirements of water purification products before hydropower renovation, and reserve the location and space according to the corresponding requirements; if you have been decorated, you need to determine whether there is appropriate installation space according to the actual situation in your home.