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Wechat Care Mode is here!

Many elderly people say: surfing on the Internet is afraid of not being able to see clearly!




Has become the three major eye symptoms that endanger the elderly's online experience!

Recently, WeChat issued a new version, officially launching the "care mode". Compared with the normal mode, the WeChat Care mode has larger and clearer text, stronger colors and better recognition, and larger and easier-to-use buttons, helping to improve the convenience of using WeChat for the elderly, the visually impaired, and other people.

The entrance of WeChat Care Mode is located on the first screen of "Me-Settings", which is parallel to the entrance of WeChat Youth Mode, which can be turned on or off with one click. In the "care mode", in addition to the larger intuitive text, the brightness contrast between the color of text and icons and the background is increased to 4.5:1, and the click response area of the button and text connection will also increase, making it more friendly to elderly users.

It is understood that the "care mode" is more than simply magnifying the interface. The original font enlargement function of WeChat is to mechanically enlarge the font, which sometimes causes part of the text to be shortened or obscured, which affects the integrity of the information. The newly launched "care mode" will try to ensure that users can see, understand, and the page is coordinated and comfortable.

The "Research on the Ageing of the Internet in the Post-epidemic Era" recently released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows that the most commonly used social tool for the elderly is WeChat. It is reported that in response to the more needs of the elderly, the WeChat care model will explore more functional aging services in the future.

What are you waiting for! Immediately forward to the elders around!

Just update WeChat to version 8.0.14, click "I-Settings" to find the "Caring Mode" button, and press it, It can become bigger and stronger with one click!

Source: WeChat Pie


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