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Functions of common industrial water treatment equipment

Industrial water equipment is a pure water preparation device for industrial production. With the development of society, industrial pure water equipment is more and more widely used in industry. Pure water prepared by industrial pure water equipment can be used for food industry water, semiconductor industry, fine chemical industry, optical industry water, electroplating water, etc.

The functions of industrial pure water equipment are as follows:

1. An on-line instrument can monitor the operation of the equipment at any time to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition.

2. It has the function of overheating protection. When the load of the equipment exceeds the set value, the equipment will automatically power off to protect the whole equipment.

3. It has high and low voltage protection function.

If the inlet pressure of the pump is too low, it will form turbidity and cause serious damage to the pump. If the pump pressure is too high, it will cause irreversible mechanical damage to the reverse osmosis membrane. The equipment is equipped with automatic protection device, when the above two situations occur, the equipment will automatically stop.

4. Automatic flushing function

When the equipment shuts down, the equipment will automatically clean the reverse osmosis membrane according to the pre-set procedure. This can effectively protect reverse osmosis membranes and prevent the precipitation of CaCO3, MgCO3 and other refractory substances to the greatest extent, resulting in blockage of membranes.

5. Equipment with liquid level control system

That is to say, when the water level in the water tank reaches a certain position, the equipment can start automatically, and when the water level in the water tank reaches a certain level, the equipment can stop automatically.